Letter: A humble hero

Published: 12/10/2018 12:01:05 AM

Shot down during World War II at 20 and skydiving at 90 could be a respectable preamble for George H.W. Bush. As our 41st president, his show of America’s military strength (Desert Storm) was an act of need and courage.

One local memory I have of his presidential campaign was his determination to win the 1987 N.H. Republican primary against Bob Dole. With the help of then-governor John Sununu, his campaign was a success. I remember driving from work and seeing both politicians standing in the wet and cold winter weather on primary eve, waving to traffic in Manchester.

After his 1988 victory, he inherited an economic disaster, a recession with the first national debt in the billions, the S&L banking crisis, Defense Department budgets that at the time were the largest in history and three years of tax decreases from 70 percent to 50 percent for the top bracket. This was all due to eight years of Reaganomics that Bush 41 labeled as supply-side “voodoo economics” during his run against Reagan in 1980.

Even with his integrity and always good intentions to help the nation and to overcome the result of eight years of damage, his inaugural promise “Read my lips: No new taxes” could not be carried out. Too much damage, not enough time.

Always with dignity, dedication, family pride and humility, he accepted his 1992 reelection defeat. He is now serving his well-deserved next term.



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