Jeff Jordan of Chichester was a good friend and a fellow farmer. It seemed like one day he was helping me load lambs into our trailer, and the next...

Making a daring escape on the farm


Smokey, one of four bulls on the farm, was in the wrong pasture again. He was supposed to be in with the cows I wanted to be bred, but somehow he...

Learning from mom


Brittany’s baby was small. Her white bull calf weighed only 45 pounds (half the weight of most Scottish Highlander calves), but he was walking and...

Life on the farm: Putting on a show


‘You may have to take the 4-H heifers home and wait for the proper paperwork to be completed,” said the veterinarian from Blackwater Veterinarian...

‘Your tattoos are the best we’ve seen all day,” said the inspecting veterinarian.We had just unloaded our first group of cattle at the fairgrounds...

Teaching oxen to work as a team


Stash looked at me through his fringe of shaggy hair as I shouted, “Walk on!” He just stood staring at me with a puzzled look on his face. I was...

Visitors keep farm in action


We had two hours to get the farmhouse apartment ready for our next guests. My husband, Bruce, vacuumed while I made the beds and took out the...

Minerals for mooers


The yearlings crowded around the pan, butting each other for the best spot. You’d think the pan contained yummy grain, but instead, I had filled it...

Herding sheep not always so simple


Benson, the border collie, was hot in pursuit of a ewe, his canine hormones taking over. Border collies are bred, born and trained to herd sheep...

Flies are dangerous farm pests


The flies buzzed and bit as my husband, Bruce, and I rolled out barrels of tasty fruit and vegetable scraps for the cattle. One of the most...

Danger, wonder en route home


The 60-foot tree fell right in front of our pickup truck, the noise muffled by the deluge of half-inch hail rattling off the roof and windshield...

A sad day on the farm


Victor studied the three pigs in the pen and pointed out that the one we had chosen probably weighed more than 300 pounds, much too big for a...

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