Letter: Champlin cares

Published: 2/18/2019 12:01:36 AM

When one is considering whom to vote for, a candidate’s position on issues and policies should be considered. Even more important is whether he or she has integrity and genuinely cares about people.

For me, the person who fits the above criteria is Byron Champlin, who is running for Concord at-large city councilor. Having known Byron for well over 30 years, I have experienced him as a person who cares. He cares about Concord and its future. He cares about people. That quality of caring and appreciation for people has been demonstrated to me in many ways. Whenever he and I have been in a discussion of an issue, that caring has surfaced.

More than once I have witnessed his compassion for persons suffering a painful time in their lives. His concern for the homeless here in Concord is a concrete example. His attention to housing options for working people, his concern for preserving our neighborhoods and his taking into account the impact of the tax rate when considering new projects all come to mind. I have been impressed over the years with his attention to the quality of life here in Concord through his encouragement and support of the arts. He has a vision of a wonderful future for our city.

Why will I vote for Byron to be an at-large city councilor? Because I want him to have the opportunity to employ his human relations skills and philanthropic experience in that love-for-Concord endeavor.



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