Letter: Change Exit 17 zoning

Monday, December 04, 2017
Change Exit 17 zoning

An open letter to the Zoning Board of Adjustment: I read with interest the Concord Monitor editorial on Nov. 19 about the proposal to change zoning to allow for a supermarket at Exit 17 off of Interstate 93.

I live in a house that is under 1,300 square feet. It is certainly not the largest or the fanciest house in Penacook. Yet my taxes are now over $8,000, having risen almost $550 in just a year. Penacook needs more of a tax base than homes and a smoke-belching trash-burning facility.

A supermarket at Exit 17 will serve the residents of three towns and those thousands of cars heading north on Friday night on I-93 and south on Sunday afternoon. Not only will it serve the community and add to the tax base, but it is clean and does not change my air quality or that of my neighbors.

I urge you to agree with the newspaper editorial and change the zoning at Exit 17.