Letter: Fight for public schools, not charter schools

Published: 1/16/2020 12:02:01 AM
Modified: 1/16/2020 12:01:10 AM

Dear Sen. Ruth Ward: I am one of your constituents, and I read your opinion piece (Monitor Opinion, Jan. 11). I believe your eloquence is misplaced because you start from the wrong point.

What is a public school? Our town’s public schools are open to every child regardless of income or ability – they are truly public. Charter schools have a selection process so that not all children are eligible and that is not just a matter of affordability. Thus, charter schools are not public schools.

What is the difference between a charter school and a private school? I do not know. I have no problem with there being charter schools if that is what the children’s parents want. I have big problems with state funds being diverted from real public schools to private charter schools.

The analysis of how the state’s contribution to the school systems in Hopkinton and Pittsfield published in the Monitor on Jan. 12 indicates just how far from adequate is the state’s contribution. If money is available for education in New Hampshire, it is surely and sorely needed to address this shortcoming before anything else.

Another piece in the Monitor on the 12th indicates that the place a child is brought up has the most bearing on how well he or she can do in later life. That is related directly to the matters mentioned above. In richer towns the schools are subsidized by the town’s budget. In poorer towns the budget does not manage to do that as much. The result is that poorer towns have poorer schools despite the state’s attempts to try to do something about the amounts given to poorer schools. Thus, children in poorer towns have fewer chances than those of richer towns – exactly what the gentleman from the Fed wrote.

If you want to improve the level of education in New Hampshire you should fight for our public schools, not for the private charter schools.



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