Letter: Checkpoints are a travesty

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Our hiking buddies on Memorial Day clued us in on the Border Patrol stops, saying they were trying to head home from the White Mountains a different way to avoid this. We discussed this, and we read the subsequent article (Monitor front page, May 30), and are embarrassed and horrified. The article mentions that this is “not a change in policy but an increase in funding.” How in the world do they get the funding if not a change in policy? Come on. So nice of the border patrol to let folks spend their money in the state all weekend and then end it with this. And in the process catch folks with a little leftover pot from their camping trip.

New Hampshire’s White Mountains are its crowning glory and an attraction for folks from miles around. If immigrants are afraid to drive within 100 miles of the Canadian border, it’s a very, very sad day in our history. So glad to see ACLU involved in this. Our hiking pals and us are disgusted.