Letter: Climate indigestion

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

David Brooks’s Nov. 27 Monitor headline, “So long to snow?” nearly gave me a heart attack. Had my favorite N.H. science-savvy columnist been bought by the Koch brothers, or drunk some mind-altering POTUS Kool-Aid? Was he joining the science denier camp?

By the end of the article, I was reassured that David retained his integrity and his sanity. He explained that he wanted to give downtrodden climate-concerned citizens a silver lining in an otherwise gloomy week: There might still be some skiing in New England in 2100.

But I still have indigestion over the article. According to Yale’s “Six Americas” climate change survey earlier this year, only about 20 percent of Americans are “alarmed” about climate change, and even they don’t know what to do. It seems we need more concern, not less. And, by the way, this cake mix-like, wet snow/rain white stuff we’re already getting, thanks to climate change, isn’t that great for skiing, or for shoveling.