Letter: Vote for Cofrin

Friday, October 13, 2017
Vote for Cofrin

Although I vote in a different ward, I support Rusty Cofrin, who is running for Concord School Board in District C.

I’ve known Rusty since he started at Concord High School in 1984. He was an outstanding math teacher and coach. All of his children went through the Concord school system and graduated from the high school.

Rusty always had a handle on the educational issues we were dealing with at the school district.

I had the pleasure of talking Rusty into running for the school board back in 2010. He did not get elected, but I was able to convince him to try again in 2013, when he won a three-year term.

He proved to be a voice for the residents of District C when it came to taxes and the annual budget.

This past year, he was opposed to the funding of full-day kindergarten, but not opposed to full-day kindergarten. His opponent made it sound like if he didn’t want to financially support it then he was also against it.

Ironically he was correct in his judgment that this is not the year that full-day kindergarten should be funded.

This particular election, he wants the taxpayers in District C to understand that experience counts.

On Nov. 7, please cast your vote for Rusty Cofrin for Concord school board.