Letter: CCSNH changes needed

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
CCSNH changes needed

I read with interest two articles published in the Monitor (“Report: CCSNH lacks clear policies,” Aug. 26 and “Community colleges go on defense,” Sept. 20) based on the 100-page audit completed by the New Hampshire Legislature.

In the first article, the opening paragraph states that “unclear policies and inadequate controls had led to inefficiencies, unequal spending between schools, and in some cases, questionable spending.” Examples included $30,500 for a car given to a college president who had already been provided with a car, and $34,000 for a college president’s inauguration.

Was it two years ago that a barrage of letters from former and current administrators, faculty and staff appeared in the Monitor stating strong dissatisfaction about the way the community colleges were being run?

Because the budgets for the schools were being cut, many faculty and staff were losing jobs and income. Many wondered why faculty and staff were losing jobs while the commissioner was given a substantial raise and was using his budget to hire additional highly paid and redundant administrators to work in his system office. Some suggested that perhaps the CCSNH board of trustees and chairman had been working on disruptive change for the sake of change for many years. Others questioned the qualifications and experience of the commissioner, Ross Gittell, who had no background in higher education administration.

Certainly the reported findings of the legislative audit suggest that there was real reason for the concern of all those former letter-writers.

Perhaps it is time for Gov. Chris Sununu to find a new administrative team to manage the community college system.