Pedestrian near Steeplegate Mall gets stuck 15 feet down in a storm drain

  • Firefighters responded to a person who fell 20-feet down a storm drain near the Steeplegate Mall on Wednesday. Courtesy

  • Firefighters responded to a report of a person who fell 20-feet down a storm drain near the Steeplegate Mall Wednesday morning.  —Courtesy

Monitor staff
Published: 10/13/2021 1:29:04 PM

A man who fell some 15 feet down a storm drain at Steeplegate Mall was unhurt after being rescued Wednesday morning by Concord firefighters.

“It was reported to us by the patient that he was walking along and the cover for the storm drain was off. He did not see the storm drain and fell in,” said Fire Chief Sean Brown.

Brown said the square, grated cover was over a drain that carried runoff from the mall’s parking lot. “It was a typical storm drain – the kind that people drop their keys down into, which is more common thing than people falling into them.”

The rescue began after a call at around 6:48 a.m. When they arrived, fire crews first had to check to make sure there was no toxic hydrogen sulfide or other sewer gases.

A firefighter wearing self-contained breathing gear used a ladder to reach the man, who was given a rescue harness and a safety line and then brought up. Once above ground the man, whose name was not released, declined to be transported to the hospital.

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