Concord city elections: Mayor’s race, Linda Banfill

Published: 11/4/2019 9:01:37 AM
Linda Banfill

How long have you lived in Concord: 42 years.

What two issues are most important to you and what would you do to address them: Make sure the first responders have the financial support and respect they need. They put their lives on the line for us and it’s a no brainer. First things first.

Clean up Dodge. Try to rid Concord of the sex offenders, pedophiles, drug dealers, human traffickers, prostitutes, and panhandlers who walk the streets of our “not so fair” city.

Bring back patriotism. This city has all the patriotism of poodle poop. A Fourth of July parade might help.

Open government. This means the city manager’s review is open to the people, not done in a closed session since this involves taxpayer money.

Concord’s seven cemeteries are open 24/7. When people leave condoms and hypodermic needles there and do drug deals there, my blood boils. All cemeteries are sacred ground and this has to cease.

Replace the tattered, faded American flag at City Hall. It is a disgrace to every man and woman who fought for this country.

Get a flag pole and thin blue line flag for the police department and make sure the fire stations have flags for their poles.

On Main Street, reduce the speed limit to 25 miles per hour. Works in Exeter. No U-turns. Enforce the stop for pedestrians in crosswalks.

I aim high!

What voice/skills do you add to city government:

Fire in the belly, a big mouth, and patriotism.

I am a member of the Thomas M.Carr Auxiliary, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War; Lady of the Grand Army of the Republic; Patriot Guard Rider; Associate Member, Gary S. Dillon Detachment, USMC, in Bow; Associate Member, and Vietnam Veterans Chapter 41 of New Hampshire.

I am eligible to join the Daughters of the American Revolution, and possibly the Mayflower Society.

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