Questions for the candidates: Concord Ward 1, Kevin Miller

Published: 10/25/2019 2:06:37 PM

Kevin Miller is running against incumbent Brent Todd in Concord’s Ward 1.

Kevin Miller

How long have you lived in Concord? I grew up in Concord and then moved away for the 12 years I was in the Marines and I came back to Concord in December 2014. I then moved to Penacook in April 2015.

Profession: Assistant Store Manager

Other experience: 12 years in the Marine Corps, having to be able to adapt to many different situations and coming up with solutions to different missions. These skills will be used when I am a city councilor. I have gone to some college classes. I am currently an assistant manager at AutoZone.

What two issues are most important to you, and what would you do to address them? There are many issues surrounding Penacook today. When I have been going around talking to the residents, the first biggest issue is that they want more businesses in Penacook not Concord, especially a grocery store. There was a news release that came out saying that there is one coming out at exit 17. A grocery store was first promised to Penacook in 2010 and they have yet to see one. There are many questions on this news of one coming because if there was a tenant that has made a deal to come there and have a grocery store they would tell us which grocery store chain it is. Many residents are skeptical of this news and just want honesty. As a councilor I will bring honesty and transparency to Penacook about these issues. The second biggest issue in Penacook is the high property taxes that are putting a huge burden on the home owners in Penacook. I believe that bringing in more business instead of just housing into Penacook would help the tax issue by bringing in more tax revenue from those businesses into Penacook. I am sure there are other strategies as well. It would all depend on what the city is spending all the tax money on.

What voice/skills would you add to city government? I can get along with people very well. I will fight for what the residents want and what will be best for Penacook/Ward 1. I will focus on the ward that I am elected to. I will bring common sense thinking to the City Council. I want our tax money spent on things that the city really needs first and the other stuff can come later. My 12 years in the Marines has taught me to be motivated in any task at hand, to be able to adapt to any situation and also to lead and manage people. I am willing to contact anyone that I need to in order to get something done.

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