Letter: Power conflicts

Published: 11/21/2016 3:00:15 AM
Power conflicts

Recently, the Public Utility Commission as part of an agreement to give Northern Pass utility status agreed to a $20 million settlement, payable to the PUC, upon approval by the Site Evaluation Committee of the Northern Pass transmission line.

This is nothing more than a payoff to the state of New Hampshire. Worse, the three PUC commissioners sit on the SEC, both chaired by the same person. Huge conflict of interest.

This is reprehensible in all ways and is an insult to the people of New Hampshire. The appearance of impropriety in this process and its potential to be a corrupting influence cannot be ignored.

N.H. citizens have been kicked to the curb and the process subverted in this PUC settlement, which on the face of it, appears to be a path to state sponsored corruption. Just because it’s legal, does it make it right? The process has been entirely compromised and should be grounds for dissolution of the SEC and rejection of the Northern Pass application.

Elected officials should call for this tainted process to be halted and begin work on changing the process by which projects are approved with safeguards that remove blatant conflicts of interest that can unduly influence the decision-making process, ensuring neutral party adjudication and the premise that the people of N.H. come first.

Carl Lakes



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