Letter: Address speeding at Exit 1 ramp

Published: 11/23/2020 12:02:14 AM
Modified: 11/23/2020 12:01:57 AM

I read David Brooks’s article (Monitor front page, Nov. 12) about the I-89 Exit 1 ramp through, then went back and read it again.

I re-read the article because I was astounded that NHDOT has to consider “an extreme action to take” in shutting down the Exit 1 ramp to help mitigate a problem with that ramp being only a short distance before the ramp to I-93 South causing drivers to take the wrong exit.

Could the proposed sign changes help? I’m sure they could, particularly for drivers unfamiliar with that interchange. But what astounds me is that what isn’t addressed is the speed of traffic through that particular area, often well in excess of the posted 45 mph.

For anyone who travels I-89 South approaching that interchange, slowing down to the 45 mph speed limit puts you at risk of being rear-ended and subjected to rude gestures. Would it not help improve overall safety in that area by enforcement of the existing posted speed limit? Sure, both Exit 1 and the I-89/93 interchange are slated to go major reworking as part of the long-proposed widening of I-93 through Concord, but finding the monies to do the work and get it designed will be years away.

Multiple changes are needed, and in my opinion better enforcement of speed limits would permit safer exiting I-89 as well as entering I-89 at that interchange.



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