Letter: This ‘My Turn’ didn’t age well

Published: 1/13/2021 12:02:10 AM

It was amusing to this consumer of “liberal media” to see the point of Rep. Mike Moffett’s Jan. 3 “My Turn” column turned on its head by the events of the past week.

His attempt at demonstrating the dangers of both conservative and liberal bias requires him to go back nearly a century and to another country in order to find a case against conservative media. He cites the failure of the British conservative Tory media to warn against the rise of an authoritarian whose career begins in earnest with the burning of the Reichstag, the German seat of government. Nazism and World War II follow.

Fast forward to today, where he claims the liberal media is now the biggest threat to America. Instead of lauding praise and feeding the ego of America’s narcissistic president, as he feels it should, the liberal media has consistently warned of the dangers this man presents to democracy and the need to investigate and report on his lies and corruption unceasingly.

So it was no surprise to those of us liberal media watchers when a crazed mob, inspired by the defeated and unhinged president, attempted a coup on the Capitol, the American seat of government. A coup made possible by years of conservative media fed to its participants and 54% of the GOP who support them.

If only Moffett had waited a week, he could have written a cogent piece on conservative media bias and its historic tendency to play into the hands of dictators.



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