My Turn: Cory Booker doesn’t know how New Hampshire feels about gun control

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Published: 5/19/2019 12:10:17 AM

I applaud Sen. Cory Booker for being upfront about his plans to infringe on the rights of gun owners nationwide, but his plan shows he is out of touch with Granite Staters (Sunday Monitor Forum, May 12).

His plan to require law-abiding Granite State gun owners to get a gun license from the federal government, submit to fingerprinting and attend a mandatory gun-safety course is just wrong for New Hampshire. He references Connecticut and New Jersey in his pitch for this attack on the Second Amendment, but what he doesn’t recognize is New Hampshire isn’t Connecticut or New Jersey.

New Hampshire has a long tradition of hunting and gun ownership. A gun safety course will teach me nothing more than what my father already taught me in the woods of New Hampshire while hunting when I was 12 years old.

Sen. Booker’s plan ignores the New Hampshire tradition of fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles and aunts passing along firearm and hunting safety to the next generation. His gun control proposal presented as “gun safety” is a direct attack on our gun ownership tradition.

Any discussion on gun control needs to take into consideration that all 50 states do not have the same demographics and traditions. A policy that might make sense in more urban states does not work for rural states like New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. Gun control should be implemented at the state level and not forced upon states by the federal government.

If Sen. Booker is serious about preventing gun violence, he should focus his energy on the gaps in the current background check system. The shooters in both the Sutherland Springs, Texas, and Aurora, Ill., incidents passed background checks when they should not have. A better background check program could have prevented both massacres.

The deficiencies with the current system should be fixed before any discussions are had about adding additional bureaucracy and inefficient federal government oversight. I certainly would not want my tax dollars to go to a program that makes gun ownership more difficult and does nothing to stop gun violence.

I am a registered Democrat, and while I have not decided on which candidate I will vote for in our first-in-the-nation primary it certainly will not be Sen. Booker or any candidate with the same anti-gun-owner agenda.

Gun violence is a serious issue in this country, but it must be addressed in a way that does not involve the federal government imposing unnecessary restrictions upon my fellow Granite State gun owners.

(Adam Czarkowski lives in Penacook.)

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