Letter: If governor is corrupt, then bring charges

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

State Rep. Mel Myler makes numerous undocumented claims, as well as disparaging statements regarding Betsy DeVos, Frank Edelblut and Gov. Chris Sununu (Monitor Forum, May 12). His pejorative remarks make a bad situation worse, specifically his characterization of the governor’s “corrupt agenda.” If the governor’s agenda is indeed corrupt, then by logical inference the governor himself is corrupt. If this is true, then Myler should bring charges against Gov. Sununu to the N.H. attorney general. If Gov. Sununu is not corrupt then all Myler has done is to engage in an ad hominem argument thereby exposing the lack of substance backing his argument.

As John Gfroerer warned his readers (Monitor Forum, May 12): “Know the source before you invest in trust.” In this case, know that Myler is the former director of NEA-New Hampshire, an organization that clearly has an interest in preserving the educational status quo, i.e. monopoly, in education currently enjoyed by the teachers’ unions.

While the NEA-N.H. home page stresses how much it stands up for students, e.g. making $135,000 in grants over the past few years to provide for the basic needs of students, they are also advertising for a UniServ director to negotiate collective bargaining agreements, represent teachers in grievance arbitration and work to promote membership. Basically, NEA-N.H. is a union to protect its membership. I suspect that any benefit students derive from this organization is purely incidental to their primary purpose of getting more money and better benefits for their members.