Letter: A dangerous stretch in Chichester

Published: 5/18/2019 12:01:29 AM

Many thanks to the Monitor and Ray Duckler for a well-written article about the dangers of driving Route 4 in Chichester (Sunday Monitor front page, May 12). I echo the sentiments of Ron Wroblewski: It’s imperative that the DOT eliminate the passing lane, add a center turning lane, and reduce the speed limit. Currently, it’s nothing short of a white knuckle affair for those making a left turn into a business or residence. Frankly, it would be jaw-dropping if there was also a statistic for “close calls” on this 1-mile stretch of road.

As a Chichester business owner, I greatly appreciate Chief Patrick Clarke’s efforts to encourage the DOT to make the much-needed changes. Hopefully the changes are made sooner than later, before more lives are lost.



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