Letter: Davis for county attorney

Published: 10/28/2020 12:01:26 AM

Dear voters: I am Robin Davis, and I am currently the Merrimack County attorney. My opponent in the upcoming election wants you to believe that my office is not prosecuting sexual assault cases and that the members of my office who were doing this work have either been released or have left. This is not true.

Here is what is true. Upon taking office, I used my knowledge and experience to make changes to how my office was prosecuting sexual assault cases.

First, the trial attorney gets the case right away so he or she can review the case file, request any follow-up investigation from the police department, work with the victim/witness coordinator to connect with the victim with resources and support and to look at what charges to bring forward. All the sexual assault referrals that come into the office are documented and followed up on in a timely manner until closed. The sexual assault cases are now spread out over a number of experienced attorneys to allow each attorney more time to review and prepare each case, allows the victim continuity so the trial attorney does not change at the time of trial, and reduced the mental and emotional stress on the prosecuting attorney that is a part of each one of these cases.

Most recently, one of our longtime and very experienced attorneys, Wayne Coull, received the 2020 Everyday Hero award for his extreme dedication to the victims and families of sexual and physical assault. This is the dedication each and every member of my office has to every victim, and I am very proud of them.

Do not let the untruths perpetuated by Paul Halvorsen sway you from voting for experience. Vote Robin Davis for county attorney.



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