Letter: What’s magic about the school calendar?

Published: 9/10/2018 12:00:38 AM

More heat than light here!

Based on my observations, the National Education Association is not exactly a hotbed of new ideas, and I think our governor is on the right track on the issue of delaying the start of school.

For one thing, what’s magic about 180 days of school a year, or the length of the current school day, or the number of vacation days? Perhaps these fine educators could explain just how shutting down school for one or two days of “teacher workshops” several times a year benefits the children.

Many school administrators seem not to understand schools are not just educational institutions, they are sports and theater facilities, and, dare I mention it, they are also child care facilities. Every day off during the school year sends some parents who work five days a week, every week, into a mad scramble for child care for their children.



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