Letter: Deregulation reality

Tuesday, January 02, 2018
Deregulation reality

We have been told over and over the deregulation of the electric industry will give us lower rates. We’ve been told that forcing Eversouce to sell off all of its power plants will save money.

During the last big cold spell, natural gas hit a peak demand and multiple factories shut down due to the high prices and a lot of the unregulated for-profit electrical generators also went off-line because the natural gas they used cost too much to allow a good rate of return.

The cheapest electricity came from the coal-fired power plants owned by Eversouce.

In fact, the Bow plant prevented the grid from failing after they fired up their jet fueled turbine generators. Well, it’s all now owned by private “for profit” companies that can charge as much as they want because they are fully unregulated. Let the elected officials know how it has helped lower you electric bills.

Even those with locked-in rates need to check the fine print in their contracts because at a high peak demand time they can pass costs through to you.