Letter: Direct support professionals make a difference

Published: 9/14/2018 12:00:25 AM

This week Lakes Region Community Services joins with thousands of organizations around the country to celebrate direct support professionals. While it is both fun and important to dedicate a week to recognizing our DSPs and their career choice, at LRCS we work all year round to support the challenging work of DSPs.

They are on the front line of LRCS – directly supporting our most vulnerable population. They are asked to maintain a positive approach while working in a career that includes an incredible range of duties and challenges.

While we have made tremendous strides in the field, there are still barriers and challenges that individuals experiencing an intellectual disability, an acquired brain disorder or physical disability face every day. Access to their community, to living safely, to adequate transportation and housing, to finding employment and enjoying the same opportunities that living in the Lakes Region provides to the rest of us, presents a constant struggle. Thanks to DSPs, individuals and families do not face these challenges alone. DSPs stand side by side with them to access the community and push the limits to achieve better quality of life for everyone.

So we thank our DSPs this week. We celebrate the profession to which they have been called, and we hope that their work and dedication to others is recognized not just here at LRCS, but throughout our community, all year long.

Thank you to the over 200 DSPs that we have working for LRCS. You make a difference.



(The writer is president and CEO of Lakes Region Community Services.)

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