Letter: Good for your health

Thursday, November 09, 2017
Good for your health

The window for signing up for health insurance on the Health Insurance Marketplace is open now until Dec 15. This time is going to pass quickly so take a look now while your mind is on it.

The White House has cut advertising 90 percent and reduced the amount of assistance in signing up. Enroll now so that you don’t face delays and a rush at the end of the enrollment period.

Health care coverage is so important because one doesn’t know when one might need it. Accidents happen, slipping on the ice, an ailment that doesn’t go away, discovering that you have a serious condition, bothersome symptoms, etc. Without coverage one may delay seeking treatment or not go at all because the uninsured cost could be devastating. About one-third of Americans have no or inadequate health care coverage. Don’t mess around with not being covered. Go to Healthcare.gov and look at plans to fit your needs. Find a navigator or certified application counselor who can help you find and choose plans (findahealthcenter.org). Call your health care provider or insurance company and ask where to get help. Do it now.