Letter: Stop calling Republicans racist

Published: 9/26/2018 12:00:45 AM

A nasty primary election is over, but now we will probably face an even nastier general election. Each election cycle seems to bring out even more hatred and personal attacks on candidates’ character rather than an actual debate on the merits of their respective positions.

One of the more vicious attacks on Republicans, from President Trump down to the lowest local official, is that we are all racists. If we believe in stronger borders and a revamping of our immigration system, we are racists. If we advocate stronger screening of potential terrorists, we are racists. If we believe illegal immigrants should not be entitled to food stamps, free education and the right to vote, we are racists. Let’s look at the facts:

1. The 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which abolished slavery, was passed with 100 percent Republican support, but only 23 percent of Democrats.

2. The 14th Amendment, giving citizenship to freed slaves received 94 percent Republican and 0 percent Democratic support.

3.The 15th Amendment, guaranteeing the right to vote to all Americans received 100 percent Republican and 0 percent Democratic support.

4. It was Republican Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves.

5. It was Republican Dwight Eisenhower who deployed the 101st Airborne to Little Rock to integrate the public schools.

6. It was a Republican president who appointed the first black national security adviser, the first black chairman of the joint chiefs and the first black secretary of state.

7. It was N.H. Republicans who just nominated black Eddie Edwards and Hispanic Steve Negron as our congressional candidates.

Republicans are far from perfect. We make as many mistakes as any, and when we do – call us out. It is, however, time to drop the racist label.



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