Letter: Everybody loses

Published: 10/10/2018 12:01:19 AM

After the “bump in the road” Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearing, the Senate spun its wheels and threw the country into reverse. What was gained? Brett Kavanaugh loses, forever branded as the angry partisan judge who likes beer. Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford loses for well-publicized reasons, after wrenching testimony. Democrats lose, labeled as obstructionist. (The Republicans refused a hearing for President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland in “fairness” to the electorate.) The Republicans lose, accused of placing party over people. The Senate loses for its sham investigation and hurried hearings. The Supreme Court loses its stature as a third branch of government as it becomes politicized. The FBI loses another chip of its reputation, although its investigation of alleged sexual misconduct was directed by the White House. Despite Evangelicals’ claim that Trump was “chosen by God,” the president loses after his unstatesmanlike mockery of Dr. Ford. Women lose another attempt at being heard. Men lose the trust that would be possible if women were taken seriously. The rule of law loses to post-truth politics. The American public loses its confidence in governing institutions.

As we pull ourselves out of the mud again, the only winners are wealthy old white men of the patriarchy. For now, anyway.



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