Letter: Give schools what they need

Monday, May 14, 2018

To the good citizens of the state of New Hampshire: The future of our school has me worried. It’s been two years of underfunding our school in a row. Next year, the state will give us less. The voters will vote a default budget. The taxes will go up, and people will still blame the school.

I wonder how we are going to attract or retain teachers when we don’t give them the budget to do their jobs.

There is a guy who was in the Monitor talking about how the schools need to take the state to court, to get some relief (Monitor front page, April 28). But he can’t do it alone from his kitchen table. Well, the school sure can’t pay anything.

I think people who care about education might contribute to a lawsuit. I know it’s not much, but I could contribute $50 per month toward this effort. Where should I send it? I don’t want the school to suffer like what happened to our police department.