Letter: Congress must act to end mass shootings

Published: 8/13/2019 12:01:18 AM

With such a wave of anxiety now sweeping the country due to all the recent mass killings, it behooves Congress to act immediately to hopefully end this activity.

First, ban the manufacture and sale of all assault-type weapons, with the exception of legitimate law enforcement agencies.

Secondly, require owners of any such weapons to turn them in to their local police stations within a period of 30 days and receive a fair remuneration for such. After 30 days, anyone in possession will be subject to a fine and have the weapon confiscated.

It is necessary that the ban include everyone, including hunters and gun collectors, for no one needs an assault weapon for protection. Also, those of innocent intent are always subject to theft of their weapon or in being negligent in their keeping of it.

For those protesting of the Second Amendment, I don’t believe the Founding Fathers had any idea of protecting such weapons if any were to show up.

Legislation should still be enforced involving strong background checks and mental illness. All of the above will hopefully reduce that number of deranged evil doers whose intent is to kill as many as possible in one shooting incident.


New London

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