Letter: Climate change must be present in energy debates

Sunday, April 15, 2018

In the April 9 op-ed “Activists ignore energy security realities,” the author, Tom Sullivan, ignores any mention of climate change. Even when he states an “appeal in Massachusetts effectively blocked regulatory authority to approve funding for natural gas pipeline plans,” he fails to explain that the judge’s decision accepted the “necessity defense” for climate change. This acknowledged the risks imposed by climate change and the need to take bold action to try to stop it.

The concept that natural gas is so much better for the environment than other fossil fuels is rapidly being proven to be a myth. A study at Cornell University resulted in the conclusion that the greenhouse gas footprint of shale gas may even be higher than coal, due to the release of methane. From earthquakes to leaks, natural gas often creates devastating situations.

In the same Monitor edition, we only have to turn a few pages to read about the shrinking clam harvest, due, in large part, to warming oceans. This affects not only the livelihood of many fishermen and recreational clammers, but also tourism and food supplies.

If the Monitor chooses to run a guest editorial like the above, it behooves them to include an “editor’s note” about the risks of unabated greenhouse-gas-driven climate change. With the future of civilization at stake, the public should not be misled.