Letter: Goodbye, Katy Burns

Published: 10/9/2019 12:01:19 AM

Please cancel my Concord Monitor subscription. I have written letters and been to the Monitor in person to protest against Katy Burns and her hatred for President Donald Trump. Please get new “talking points” and not the same old, same old every week.

She is just like the “squad” of four who never say any thing good about America, but as congresswomen they will take our American money and all the perks that come with it. It has been three years now. Let it go, give it up and carry on. I put up with President Obama for eight years. With God’s help and love I made it through that hard time.

On WMUR on Sunday, Adam Sexton asked Congressman Chris Pappas if Twitter should ban President Trump. He said no but that President Trump should tone it down and not bash his opponents. I hope that Katy Burns saw this. Please, let us all show love for all people. God bless America.



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