Letter: Dismantling white supremacy

Published: 1/14/2021 12:01:22 AM

It feels as if there are few silver linings that resulted from the chaos of 2020. Of those few, I count our country’s continued awakening to the stranglehold of white supremacy as one.

As Jan. 6 showed us, our standing as a democracy is tenuous at best, requiring continued, thoughtful participation by a compassionate electorate.

Watching white nationalists storm our nation’s capital was a gut check for many and it should be a call to action for those of us who believe that all of our citizens deserve equitable access.

This letter’s request for action lies squarely on the shoulders of our local elected officials, who have said in no uncertain terms that they wish to address systemic racism in our city.

Many of our community members are already working against racism and inequity. Will the city council members of Concord, and the various departments therein, join us? It is never too late to start the journey of dismantling white supremacy. Your constituents are ready to help you take the leap.



(The writer is the founder of Concord NH Showing Up for Racial Justice.)

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