Letter: Positive steps in child protection

Published: 9/5/2019 12:01:23 AM

I was very happy to read last week that the recent focus on helping expand the Division for Children, Youth and Families by both Gov. Chris Sununu and the New Hampshire Legislature is showing some results in more DCYF workers being hired. In our current times, one sees bipartisan support for many issues with a disturbing amount of scarcity, so it is quite a relief to see both sides raise general support on an issue.

There should be no question that when it comes to supporting those who help our families we should take great measures to ensure that they are successful. After all, many DCYF workers support families in need across the Granite State with a number of issues. It is reassuring to see both the governor and the Legislature work to help provide support for DCYF so that workers can have a lighter workload in which they can pay more attention to each case. It is crucial to many DCFY workers that this bipartisan support continue so that they have a system that properly supports and encourages them.

A sincere thank you to Gov. Sununu for his continual bipartisan work to improve the lives of many residents of New Hampshire but especially his effort to rebuild our state’s child protection system. It is rare to have a governor who so often seeks to compromise with those across the aisle, and it is quite refreshing to see him do so.



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