Former New England Patriot apologizes for Concord stalking arrest

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Published: 5/15/2019 3:41:14 PM

Shackled at his hands and feet, former New England Patriot Gregory Spires promised a New Hampshire judge he learned his lesson after a surprise trip to see his daughter resulted in his arrest for stalking and days spent at the county jail.

“I’m sorry for breaking the restraining order,” Spires said as he sat before Concord Circuit Court Judge Thomas Cooper. “I’ve never been arrested. It was an honest mistake. I take pride in keeping my nose clean.”

Spires appeared at the court Tuesday for civil proceedings in two stalking petitions taken out against him by his ex-wife and daughter. He is being held at the Merrimack County jail in Boscawen in lieu of $50,000 bail on a criminal charge of stalking, accusing him of violating one of the orders the day after he was served.

Concord police took Spires into custody Friday afternoon at Concord High School where they say he showed up in violation of a stalking petition taken out against him by his teenage daughter. He said he was there to speak with the principal and to request a copy of his daughter’s grades. His plans to leave New Hampshire for Texas were thwarted when the school called police and he was arrested.

Spires, who is remarried and lives in Cypress, Texas, told the court he’d decided to fly to the Granite State last week to see his daughter play sports. He didn’t tell his ex-wife about the trip and instead showed up at Concord’s Memorial Field on Wednesday afternoon with his wife and two sons.

Seated feet away from her estranged father in court Tuesday, the girl told Judge Cooper she had no warning and was terrified to see Spires, whom she hadn’t spoken to in years.

“Why suddenly after eight years of not seeing Greg Spires was he there?” she asked. “I was frightened for my life and especially for my mother’s life because of past domestic violence I’ve seen with my own eyes.”

Spires and the girl’s mother divorced more than a decade ago but a contentious family court battle and financial disputes wage on.

Almost three years ago, Spires’s ex-wife and daughter fled to the Granite State from the Boston area with the help of DOVE (Domestic Violence Ended) after their home was broken into. Criminal charges were never filed against Spires in connection with the break-in but both his ex-wife and daughter testified Tuesday that Quincy, Mass., police advised them of Spires’s possible involvement and the danger he posed.

When they relocated to New Hampshire, they didn’t notify Spires.

“The break-in was something that was very traumatic, and I don’t want him to know our address because I don’t want something like that to happen again,” his daughter said.

After Spires showed up Wednesday at Memorial Field, his ex-wife and daughter went within hours to Concord’s district court to each file a stalking petition against him. When the girl returned to the field Thursday, Spires, who had planned to watch a second sporting event, was quickly served the paperwork and told to leave school property.

Spires told Cooper he Googled his daughter’s name several months ago and learned that she attended Concord High. He said he’d also learned through ongoing court proceedings in Massachusetts that his ex-wife and daughter had relocated to New Hampshire.

While Spires has joint custody of his daughter, court orders mandate that any in-person visits can occur only under a social worker’s supervision, his ex-wife summarized for the court Tuesday.

Spires and his wife, Alzadia, said they didn’t see anything wrong with showing up at a public place to watch Spires’s daughter play sports.

“I wasn’t trying to kidnap her. I wasn’t trying to hurt her or do anything violent,” Spires said. “The restraining order was bogus and it was uncalled for.”

Spires’s ex-wife has also filed a stalking petition against Alzadia. That case was also heard Tuesday afternoon.

Cooper took the three cases under advisement and will issue written orders at a later date.

Before leaving the bench, Cooper told Spires that it is clear the teenage girl does not want a relationship with her father at this time and that she was humiliated by what unfolded last week. No matter how the court rules on the stalking petitions, Cooper told Spires to leave the girl alone.

“There may be a time sometime down the line where you can have a relationship with her but it is not now and she does not need that now,” Cooper said.

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