Letter: Support your local businesses

Published: 3/24/2020 12:02:24 AM

Online “free shipping” is never free. The seller’s expense is always made up elsewhere.

The effects of “free shipping” are catastrophic for local businesses. When shoppers are seduced by online convenience, local stores lose customers. As sales drop, the need for employees drops. As staffing levels fall, people lose their jobs or their hours are reduced. As our friends and neighbors become unemployed, families face hard choices between housing, food and medicine.

Social distancing must become the new normal for now. When Concord returns to the old normal, what kind of city do we want it to be? Will the unique shops that lure out-of-towners downtown still be there, or will we have left only the chain stores and restaurants that are owned by strangers?

In the meantime, please keep your spending local. Order your take-out from one of the many award-winning family-owned restaurants and pizzerias. Get your batteries at the family-owned hardware stores. Pick up milk and bread at a family-owned corner market. Consider purchasing gift cards from your favorite spots. These places can thrive only if we choose to support them. After all, these are the people we go to when we need sponsors for sports teams, and where we put up our posters and business cards.

New Hampshire is blessed by many old businesses that have weathered historical crises. Please choose carefully when spending money.



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