Letter: Resign from sham commission

Wednesday, September 06, 2017
Resign from sham commission

The secretary of state’s office is one of the principle promoters of allegations of voter fraud in New Hampshire. Under these circumstances, New Hampshire residents would have every reason to think that Secretary of State Bill Gardner, with the blessing of our state lawmakers, would thoroughly investigate the facts on the ground, report evidence of fraud if it were found and craft a targeted solution to address any problems.

Lack of funds was one excuse given in the last legislative session for not investigating these allegations before pushing through new legislation (Senate Bill 3) that is burdensome for both voters and town clerks. What a surprise it was to read in the U.S. Election Assistance Commission audit, published last week, that New Hampshire still has more than $10 million in unspent grants from the Help America Vote Act of 2002.

At a time when New Hampshire needs to make a comprehensive effort to modernize our elections and make them secure to ensure that all eligible voters have equal access to the ballot box, the secretary of state’s office would prefer to chase phantom fraudulent voters rather than use HAVA funds to bring New Hampshire election procedures into the 21st century. This is inexcusable. Secretary of State Gardner needs to resign from the sham Commission on “Election Integrity” and get his own house in order.