Letter: Ban conversion therapy

Sunday, March 04, 2018
Ban conversion therapy

Right now under New Hampshire law, parents can force their children to undergo therapy designed to brainwash their children into believing that who they are and who they love is wrong. This practice, conversion therapy, has been proven to increase rates of depression, anxiety and suicide among teens, and it must be stopped.

For those who would argue this practice can be useful or that people go through “gay” phases, I ask you this: Would you think the same thing if the practice was designed to convert straight teens? Would you accept the legality of a practice that forces your heterosexual child to undergo brutal therapy to convince them that they are in fact gay?

I’d imagine not. And that’s because too many still view straight as normal and gay as different. These people don’t hate homosexuality, but they are too entrenched in the idea that being gay is acceptable but is a diversion from the ordinary.

That thinking must change. It is that exact subconscious anti-gay thought that pushes gay teens to hate themselves or think there is something wrong with them.

As the ban on gay conversion therapy for minors heads to the Senate, it’s important that we all keep fighting for this bill that would help protect every teenager questioning their sexuality or discovering who they really are.

If we truly want to live by the “Live Free or Die” motto, then we have to work to make sure that our children can live free from discrimination and judgment, and we can do this by banning gay conversion therapy for minors.


Alton Bay