Kearsarge graduation: Lessons come in many forms

  • Senior Hallie Andrewski talked about challenges in her life as she gives the student address at Kearsarge on Saturday. KATIE RUGGLES / Monitor staff

  • Class Marshals Molli Mayo and William Moore welcome the Kearsarge Regional High School Class of 2019 to their commencement ceremony on Saturday, June 15, 2019. KATIE RUGGLES—Monitor staff

  • Superintendent Winfried Feneberg addresses the audience during the commencement ceremony at Kearsarge Regional High School on Saturday, June 15, 2019. KATIE RUGGLES—Monitor staff

  • Kearsarge Regional High School held graduation ceremonies on Saturday, June 15, 2019. KATIE RUGGLES—Monitor staff

  • Kearsarge Regional High School held graduation ceremonies on Saturday, June 15, 2019. KATIE RUGGLES—Monitor staff

Monitor staff
Published: 6/15/2019 2:17:46 PM

The Kearsarge Regional High School Class of 2019 has no lack in commitment, dedication or passion.

During Kearsarge’s 49th commencement ceremony on Saturday, Kearsarge Regional School District Superintendent Winfried Feneberg emphasized these exceptional qualities when addressing the graduates.

“Your commitment to perseverance, has allowed you to keep going even when the path was bumpy and challenging at times, and you might have been tempted to give up,” said Feneberg.

Graduates were reminded of their commitment and hard work that went toward receiving an education for the past 13 years. Feneberg emphasized that they have learned how to commit themselves to friends, family, and personal goals during their academic careers.

Though commitment can be a great motivator, it can distract you from achieving your goals. Feneberg explained that with commitment, you must have balance.

“Balance is the ability to step back, pause, to weigh others perspectives, and to get your priorities straight,” he said. “Add balance to commitment and you will become much more effective in your pursuit of your goals, interests, and visions.” 

Hallie Andrewski described her time spent at Kearsarge Regional High School as a “long journey of laughter, love and lots of tears.”

Voted to speak in front of the class of 136 students, she shared tough lessons she has learned throughout her high school career.

“I learned how to have compassion for every person I interacted with. You never know if your small act of kindness helped someone through a rough day.”

Andrewski opened up about her brother’s death and her father’s ongoing battle with cancer, and said that you should cherish the love and support you receive from your family during difficult times. 

“They showed me through every loss, heartbreak, and mistake, you keep going, finding a new happiness no matter how much you have lost. Life goes on. It does not wait for you.”

“I learned there are some mistakes you can’t fix. It’s infuriating and heartbreaking, but it happens,” said Andrewski. 

Encouraging her classmates to move on and grow from mistakes they’ve made, Andrewski jokingly added, “no one is perfect, Miley Cyrus agrees with this, so I can’t be wrong,” 

Though she may have just graduated high school, Andrewski shared her deep wisdom with her fellow classmates. Overall, she wants the Class of 2019 to live without any hesitation because the past doesn’t dictate your future.

“None of us know when our journey is going to end, so I want all of you to promise me you won’t waste a second.”

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