Letter: Gun deaths and House rules

Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Gun deaths and House rules

According to a Monitor article of March 7, the New Hampshire House leadership has refused to make an exception to House rules to consider legislation concerning guns that could save lives.

House Majority Leader Dick Hinch, in defending the leadership’s decision to deny even an opportunity to discuss ways to save lives, stated, “There was ample time during the session to develop amendments to existing bills, and that didn’t happen.”

Mr. Hinch, the time for action is now. Our Legislature has allowed too much time to pass. When will it be the right time to discuss ways to reduce the risk of harm to our children? When a mass school shooting occurs in New Hampshire?

According to the article, Hinch states, “When you suspend the rules, you need to do that based upon the right message, it needs to be well thought out,” apparently believing that providing an opportunity for discourse on how to save even one child’s life is the wrong message. To me, “politics over life” is the wrong message. Rules may be rules, Mr. Hinch, but for every rule there is an exception. If exploring ways to save even one child’s life isn’t a good reason for making an exception to a rule, I don’t know what is.