Letter: Gun safety in the House

Published: 1/8/2019 12:01:18 AM
Gun safety in the House

I checked in with the first session of the New Hampshire House on Thursday, online. As the issue of whether to change the House Rules so guns wouldn’t be allowed there came up, I started listening to the speeches. There were many, and they included gruesome predictions from several Republican representatives about what could/would happen if they couldn’t carry their guns into that House, in order to save themselves and others if necessary. Ultimately, the vote was that doing this would not be allowed. There were declarations in the speeches of some of the Reps that they would carry guns in anyway, and there was no challenge to this nonsense.

What I didn’t hear, and would like to hear, was what could be done to calm these apparently fearful reps who claim that their lives are on the line every time they come to Concord. If the dangers they described are so real, we obviously need to pay for visible, armed guards – in the gallery and in the House chambers, who are focused strictly on saving lives, and not on whether to hit the green or red button.

The vigilante approach that was recommended by the fearful reps is ridiculous. We taxpayers need to pay for metal detectors, to make sure that if there is a threat of some kind in the N.H. House, there won’t be a shootout where the “good guys” end up killing other reps and citizens of New Hampshire who are sitting innocently in the gallery.



(Correction: An earlier version of this letter misspelled the writer’s last name.)

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