Letter: Hassan is uninformed

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

On Sunday, on WMUR’s CloseUP program, Sen. Maggie Hassan criticized our president for asking Canada to level the playing field when it comes to Canada’s higher tariffs on our American-made goods than we charge on theirs.

She is uninformed because she said that the president’s claim that this is a national security issue cannot be the case because Canada is a good ally of America.

The president is making the national security claim because he has said that Canada has engaged in trans-shipping of steel from China through Canada to U.S. markets. Trans-shipping is China’s way of dumping uncompetitive steel into our markets and thereby destroying the steel industry and the jobs of steel workers in America.

If a country does not have a viable steel industry, that country would have to depend on foreign countries to import steel to build their military. Any country that does not have a strong steel industry cannot have strong national security.

On the eve of the president’s trip to negotiate peace with North Korea, Hassan used fake news to criticize the president for not being well prepared for the negotiation. President Trump indicated that he has been preparing for this meeting all of his adult life.

Professional politicians are not accustomed to having seasoned international negotiators occupying the White House.