Letter: The flow of hate

Published: 9/9/2018 12:00:50 AM

In response to Frank Thanos’s letter on Aug. 31 about the hate directed at our president and his family: I could match it easily with examples from the Obama administration, but that’s not the point of my response.

Which way is the hate flowing, you ask? Well, hate crimes are rising, a man was just arrested for threatening to kill Boston Globe reporters, and the FBI, Justice Department, reporters and even the late Sen. John McCain are jeered or ridiculed at rallies. What is the common denominator here? Our president, who encourages divisiveness and hate. He seems to be unaware of the most basic tenets of our democracy – freedom of speech and press, separation of powers. And he shows his disdain for anything that displeases him with vitriolic speech, especially in tweets.

While I don’t condone the most extreme responses to him, to paint him as an innocent victim just doesn’t fact check.



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