Capital Area Student Leaders program visits State House as lesson

  • The Leadership Greater Concord (LGC) class of 2022 met with Governor Chris Sununu during their government and politics session day. The Office of the Governor

Published: 3/28/2022 7:22:43 PM
Modified: 3/28/2022 7:21:47 PM

Twenty-five motivated young leaders learned about Concord’s history and inner-workings, gained hands-on experience in public speaking and other leadership skills, and met professionals from a variety of industries who are actively involved in the Greater Concord community. The Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce graduates from Capital Area Student Leadership (CASL) — New Hampshire’s only civics leadership program for high school sophomores.

Underwritten by Northeast Delta Dental, this immersive program encourages students to become active, effective participants and future leaders in their schools and communities through exposure to historical, cultural, environmental and civic aspects of the Greater Concord area. Beginning with an orientation in February, this year’s CASL graduates attended three session days in March, each focusing on an important topic in the community. Through field trips, hands on experiences, and teacher facilitated discussions, the program provides special insight into the functioning of a working community and opportunities for dialogue with established leaders.

“I enjoyed talking to the business owners because I felt like I really benefited from hearing how they got to where they are now,” wrote a member of the CASL Class of 2022. This year’s program featured a panel discussion with local entrepreneurs, including a past CASL graduate — Carolyn Herrick, owner of Homebody on Main Street. Herrick reflected on her experience in this program as a 10th-grader, “Participating in CASL is like getting a behind-the-scenes peek of how the City of Concord operates, from the perspective of some of the most influential leaders and thinkers in the Concord area.” Opportunities to meet local leaders were abundant for this year’s CASL students. During a lunch break in the State House café, Gov. Sununu invited the entire CASL class for a spontaneous meeting in his corner office. “Meeting Governor Sununu was inspiring because he was so friendly and talkative. I never imagined the governor to be anything other than serious,” wrote a student after that program day.

Past CASL graduates have gone on to impact the Greater Concord community in significant ways. “I learned that sometimes when you’re in a leadership position you have to argue for things you may not care about, but someone is counting on you to represent them,” wrote one member of the CASL class of 2022. After participating in this impactful program, these students have gained a unique perspective on the community, made connections with future mentors, and will continue to excel as motivated leaders in their schools. They will join the ranks of former graduates who have received national awards, led volunteer programs and served as community activists.

The Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce graduates from this year’s Capital Area Student Leadership Program (CASL):

Sophia Anderson, Concord High School; Jonas Baia, Bishop Brady High School; Aryaa Bhusari, Bow High School; Maggie Bowes, Pembroke Academy; Liam Boyle, Hopkinton Middle High School; Isabella Cannon, Bow High School; Jada Combs, Merrimack Valley High School; Adeesh Cooper, Bow High School; Tyler Czarkowski, Hopkinton Middle High School; Mia Czarnecki, Concord High School; Sara Doody, Merrimack Valley High School; Carly Fuller, Bishop Brady High School; Boden Gendron, Bishop Brady High School; Calli Gray, Merrimack Valley High School; Eliana Gross, Pembroke Academy; Alyssa Ishii, Merrimack Valley High School; Cassidy Lankhorst, Merrimack Valley High School; Arik Linstad, John Stark Regional High School; Kayleigh Megowen, John Stark Regional High School; Owen Miller, Bow High School; Lilith Peterson, Concord High School; Owen Piper, Merrimack Valley High School; Aislyn Reed, Bow High School; Juliette Tarsa, Bow High School; David Wicks, Concord High School.

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