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Primary survey: Three Republicans vie for chance to face House incumbents

  • Fedolfi

  • Levesque

There is a three-way GOP race for two seats in this district, which covers Antrim, Hillsboro and Windsor. The winners will face Democratic incumbents Marjorie Porter and Gilman Shattuck.
Published: 9/8/2016 1:01:41 AM
Joseph M. Alibrandi

Party: Republican

Age: 54

Town: Hillsboro

Occupation: scientist/ product development engineer

Incumbent? No, first time running for any office.

Do you support . . .

Commuter rail funding? I do not support taxpayers funding the commuter rail. I am for creating jobs in N.H. and this project would only aid out-of-state jobs. Also it would not help tourism as anyone coming to N.H. for tourism would go farther than Nashua. The money would be better spent on our highways and infrastructure.

Providing more state money for higher education? Our children are a priority for me, and I would support developing a co-op education system similar to what I went through at Northeastern University. With N.H. business involvement, we could give our children the insights into the real world they need to target their classes towards real needs versus just accumulating credits toward graduation. This program should extend into high school as well.

Pro-gun legislation, such as constitutional carry? I am for all our constitutional rights and for constitutional carry with any restrictions only for convicted felons.

Reauthorizing Medicaid expansion? I am not as yet informed enough to know how to answer this not knowing what it entails. I do feel most government programs are mismanaged, Obama care is a wreck, welfare is abused and we need jobs not more social programs. We need to fix what we have and go from there.

Increasing the minimum wage? I would be in favor of a reasonable increase but $15/hour is unrealistic and would hurt our young workers looking for summer and entry-level jobs. Businesses would cut back on these positions, install computer ordering kiosks and reduce full-time job positions.

Marijuana legalization or decriminalization? I am for decriminalizing marijuana and for medical marijuana.

What would you like voters to know about your philosophy, principles or priorities? I was asked to run for office in order to get onto the child and family law committee and to work toward judicial reform, especially in the family law system. I am also working toward job creation in the alternative energy markets, supporting local businesses both goods and services, locally controlled education and abolishing Common Core, strong communities, no new taxes and common sense reforms. I am not a “politician,” I will be a representative of the people.

Contact information: Facebook at “Joe Alibrandi for State Rep of Hillsboro/ Antrim”

Jim Fedolfi

Party: Republican

Age: 74

Town of residence: Hillsboro

Occupation: retired businessman

Incumbent? No

COMMUTER RAIL FUNDING? I am against any taxpayer subsidies for commuter rail. Been there, done that, and it’s a failure, why should we make the same mistake again.

PROVIDING MORE STATE FUNDING FOR HIGHER EDUCATION? That which is not earned is not held dear. Think about that for a while. I am in favor of state sponsored tech schools that give ordinary students an extraordinary opportunity to learn a trade and become contributing members of society. These schools should not be free, but affordable.

PRO GUN LEGISLATION SUCH AS CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY? I wish to quote (THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED). I don’t own a gun, but I do believe in our constitution. If a problem arises because convicted felons or the mentally impaired are legally buying weapons, then shame on us. The problem is that criminals are getting weapons, and we haven’t found a way to stop this. Harassing legal gun owners is not the answer.

REAUTHORIZING MEDICAID EXPANSION? This is a program that is political cover by Democrats because of the absolute failure of Obama care which was touted as the answer for the working poor. The cure is a free and open society with much lower taxes and a robust and growing economy that will leave no one behind who wants to work.

INCREASING THE MINIMUM WAGE? The minimum wage was designed to make it affordable to hire high school students and give graduates the chance to get real life experience in our work force. It was never intended to be a living wage. The problem is obvious; this economy created by university elites and embraced by the Progressives is so bad that adults are forced into these jobs and can’t make ends meet. The solution is to elect Republicans to office in every town, city, state and national election.

MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION OR DECRIMINALIZATION? I am absolutely, positively against legalizing marijuana. I believe the facts are clear that it is at the very least a gateway into the drug culture.

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR PHILOSOPHY, PRINCIPLES OR PRIORITIES? I think of myself as a traditional Republican conservative. I want local, state and national governments to follow our Constitution and provide services collectively that we cannot provide for ourselves. If elected, I will join other like-minded Republicans and try to effect change. I will also try through the media to give my opinions on all legislation pending, and my vote, and why. The best way to know who I am and what I believe is to go to my website:

Contact information:

Charles Levesque

Party: Republican

Age: 59

Town of residence: Antrim

Occupation: small business owner, forester

Incumbent? No

Do you support . . .

Commuter rail funding? Possibly

Providing more state money for higher education? Possibly; it depends on how much and in what way.

Pro-gun legislation, such as constitutional carry? Possibly; depends on the details of the legislation.

Reauthorizing medicaid expansion? Possibly; depends on details and funding source(s).

Increasing the minimum wage? This should be dealt with at the federal level.

Marijuana legalization or decriminalization? Possibly; depends on the details of the legislation.

What would you like voters to know about your philosophy, principles or priorities? I don't like making promises without knowing the details of the proposal or legislation. I keep an open mind and am not wed to ideology. I am a careful decision maker and want to have facts at hand before making a decision/casting a vote. I am a moderate in my views if we must use labels. I am a good listener and will listen to my constituents about the issues important to them. What I have learned in my work around the country is that New Hampshire’s small, efficient government – which is close to the people and very accessible – works very well compared with other states. I want to work to keep it that way.

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