Hometown Heroes: Meagan Sbat has pushed clients to stay physically, mentally fit

  • Meagan Sbat, owner of Get Fit NH, coaches an evening workout class at her gym. Sbat understands the toll the pandemic has taken on her clients. ALLIE ST PETER / Monitor staff

  • Megan Sbat, Owner of Get Fit NH, coaching an evening workout class at her gym. ALLIE ST PETER—Monitor Staff

  • Megan Sbat, Owner of Get Fit NH, sitting in her new gym on opening day. ALLIE ST PETER—Monitor Staff

  • Megan Sbat, Owner of Get Fit NH, coaching an evening workout class at her gym. ALLIE ST PETER—Monitor Staff

Monitor staff
Published: 12/17/2020 8:49:20 AM
Modified: 12/17/2020 8:49:10 AM

When the pandemic shut down most businesses in the state this spring, Meagan Sbat didn’t wait around hoping things would change. The owner of Get Fit NH fitness center, “sprang into action setting up online workouts, staying in touch with their clients via email and messages to ensure that we were well, not just physically, but mentally, too,” according to Evelyn Gaynor, a client at Get Fit NH and one of 25 people who nominated Sbat as a Hometown Hero.

Not only did Sbat create the safest environment possible for her clients, she also wrote letters to, made videos for and visited with Gov. Chris Sununu’s task force to help develop safety guidelines for gyms in New Hampshire to reopen.

“It’s more important than ever for people to take care of their bodies so they can fight things like this virus,” Sbat said. “And I said this at the beginning of the pandemic and I’ll say it again, the mental health pandemic that’s coming after this pandemic scares me, so that’s what really pushed me to do something and to do it smart, because people need this outlet, they need this happy place.”

Lots of people made that very clear when they nominated Sbat.

“As a cancer survivor and transplant recipient, I have had to stay home alone in my house. Alone because my husband died. Having daily training and outside contact has kept me healthy, both physically and mentally,” Carol Hawkins said. “Meagan has done this for many people besides me. She is very deserving due to her dedication to her many clients!”

“Meagan Sbat never missed a beat in providing her clients the opportunity to complete successful coached workouts in various online formats so all her clients could continue their goals,” Ingrid Marsh said. “She even provided a nutritional challenge for those of us working too close to our refrigerators.”

“She made so many changes to ensure that we were all safe and could continue to exercise, having contingency upon contingency in place,” Samantha Ivanov said. “Virtual training, live Zoom workouts, virtual check-ins, outdoor training and finally an indoor training plan that allows us to stay distanced but still get a workout.”

“Many of us who train at Get Fit NH get much more out of it than fitness. There is an atmosphere of acceptance, positive regard, encouragement and support which sustains us and brings us happiness,” Jane Cogswell said. “Never has this been more true than during the pandemic.”

Before the COVID-19 crisis, Sbat was working with 277 clients. She lost about 40 of those after the shutdown, but with her tireless innovations and energy she’s built that client list back up to 252. Plus, she just moved into a new facility at 41 Terrill Park Dr. in Concord so she can continue to offer safe classes throughout the cold weather months.

“It’s 10,000 square feet, it has overhead doors on both sides so there’s airflow, it’s got exhaust fans, it has plenty of space for social distancing, it has all the things that make people feel comfortable,” Sbat said. “People need a safe place to train and I just want to help give it to them.”

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