Hopkinton real estate closings from 11/21 - 12/4

Thursday, December 13, 2018

70 Cedar St.; land and building; $197,400; Rachel E.  Taylor to Daniel and Janice Aranki.

144 Pamela Drive; mobile home; $120,000; Jonathan R. Halle and Carol J. Beauchemin to Heather Dufield and Daniel J. Morse.

921 Broad Cove Road; land and building; $318,000; Beal Ft 2015 and Janice L. Beal to Brendan Hayes.

174 Brockway Road; land and building; $580,000; Nestler Ft and Aviva Nestler to C. L. Pickering.

672 Currier Road; commercial building; $254,000; 672 Currier Road LLC to Irish Holdings LLC.

12 Maple St.; commercial building; $150,000; Joan L. Day 2013 T. to Brian Cressy.

Route 127; $419,533; J. Sullivan and Lynn A. Durand to 633 Maple LLC.

No address available; $60,000; Dean H. Associates to Ashley and Nicholas Lacasse.