Letter: Any I-93 project should connect city, river

Published: 3/22/2019 12:02:20 AM

The awful widening of Interstate 93 to eight lanes as it cuts through Concord and allowing for I-93 to creep even closer to the Merrimack River is certainly not good for the city of Concord. Nor is it in tune with the 20/20 Vision planning process that involved a broad range of stakeholders, including the NHDOT and the community of Concord.

The 20/20 Vision report recommended moving the alignment of the six lanes west from the river’s edge as much as possible and depressing I-93 as much as possible, consistent with safety (flood) considerations. It also recommended a berm on the westerly side of the highway to depress road noise.

The project should connect the city to the river as outlined in the city’s 20/20 Vision plan.

Why is it that none of these four recommendations are being included in the NHDOT’s proposal? These came out of a broadly inclusive planning process with community input (over 1,000 citizens), city, state and regional agency input, and it is representative of many stakeholders. The four recommendations were arrived at via consensus.

An eight-lane I-93 that is closer to the river is not in Concord’s interest. Concord is the capital of New Hampshire and such a roadway does not do the city justice, the city that has spent a lot of money to improve its Main Street and to become a better place for businesses and state government to be located, as well as for tourists and, of course, its residents.



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