Letter: Jail the leakers

Published: 2/26/2017 12:01:10 AM
Jail the leakers

Those in Washington who have made a career of government and leak classified information need to take their place next to Robert Hanssen, Aldrich Ames and Nidal Hassan.

You are not special or privileged; you are there to serve the administration in power and carry out its policies. No one cares about your opinion; you are a servant to the people. If you don’t like an administration’s policy positions, follow leadership, grow up or seek employment elsewhere.

It is comical to listen to Democrat feigned outrage about Michael Flynn’s supposed conversation with the Russian ambassador and their claim that he violated the Logan Act.

Where was Democrat outrage about violating the Logan Act when John Kerry, still an officer in the Navy Reserve, visited Paris during the Vietnam War to sympathize with and attempt to negotiate a peace treaty with the North Vietnamese.

Again, Kerry violated the Logan Act in 1985 when he visited Nicaragua and again in 2006 visiting Syria’s Assad, undermining both presidential administrations.

Whack-a-doodles on the left are already calling for impeachment and obstructionists of every stripe are doing everything they can to derail the new administration. Russia did not hack the election, it hacked the Democratic Party and revealed the real demeanor of their sanctimonious leaders. That is the real news, you know, the news that the press will not cover.

Everyone has an opinion but arrogant government employee opinion is irrelevant. If you undermine any administration, at the very least you should be terminated and your retirement revoked. If you leak classified information, there is a Supermax facility waiting for you.




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