Editorial: The best way to handle Bannon

  • Steve Bannon AP

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Steve Bannon, Trump adviser, self-described Leninist and populist provocateur, will be the main attraction at a Nov. 9 fundraiser at a Manchester hotel.

Bannon is also the CEO of the ultra-conservative Breitbart News website. He’s been traveling the country to praise the president and promote something called “economic nationalism,” which, best we can tell, is an anti-immigrant, nationalist, protectionist, pseudo-philosophy ostensibly designed to benefit America’s working class.

Bannon’s appearances have prompted protests, most recently in Anaheim, Calif., where he spoke at that state’s Republican Party convention.

In Manchester, Bannon will address a recently formed group of Republican activists called the 603 Alliance. Tickets to the event are $150 to $750 to sit in the “inner circle” with Bannon. The event is being held at a private venue, which means New Hampshire should be spared the spectacle of hearing a speaker shouted down by protesters who fail to understand the First Amendment. As for anyone inclined to protest Bannon’s appearance from public property, we ask you to please reconsider. Like most firebrands, Bannon feeds on protests and uses them to promote his obnoxious messages.

Best thing to do is ignore him.