Letter: Insulted by Kaepernick

Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Insulted by Kaepernick

After a long day at the office, I like to relax at home watching Around the Horn and PTI on ESPN. Last week, however, the conversation was dominated by how the NFL owners are racists because they will not hire Colin Kaepernick to be their quarterback. One after another, commentators commented that wife beaters and DWI offenders were rehired but not Kaepernick, so they must be hypocrites or racists.

Let’s get this straight. No one is applauding wife beaters or drunks. We all know that racism still exists in America, and that we are not yet a perfect society, but Kaepernick’s offense goes well beyond those.

In kneeling during our national anthem, he disgraces our flag and our country. He dishonors the many who died to protect our freedoms and those who struggled for racial equality. He refuses to acknowledge that although not perfect, America is still the beacon of freedom and equality. He refuses to acknowledge that there are now black mayors, congressmen, senators, Supreme Court justices, secretary of state, attorneys general, and yes, a president of the United States. Most importantly, Kaepernick ignores the fact that his protest in other countries would cost him his life.

Yes, in America, Colin Kaepernick enjoys the same rights as us all, but I, as well as NFL owners, have a right not to associate with him. Not because he is black, but because he has insulted everything I believe in.