Letter: Intern should be fired

Published: 7/1/2018 12:01:23 AM

Regarding the monitor article “Hassan intern outburst stirs debate on discourse” (Monitor front page, June 27), I find Sen. Maggie Hassan’s opinion to be unacceptable on not firing this individual.

I am an independent voter, and I don’t subscribe to either party. What I do know is that regardless of party we need to respect elected positions. It is never okay to say “f--- you” to anyone but especially the president. No matter how much you may not like someone’s positions, it is not acceptable to use that kind of vulgarity. Anything less than firing is unacceptable.

For Sen. Hassan to defend this person and even blame our president for her action shows that she values her party over any civility. This woman not only embarrassed herself, more importantly she embarrassed New Hampshire.

When Sen. Hassan was governor, how would she have felt if interns yelled “Ms. Governor, f--- you!” I’m sure she would have called for them to be removed from their position.

Independent voters aren’t stupid, and we know the Democratic Party is doing everything in its power to divide the nation, but here in New Hampshire we can do better. Remember this next time we have elections to vote for a candidate who represents New Hampshire, not their party.



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