Letter: Investigate the Ethics Committee

Sunday, December 10, 2017
Investigate the Ethics Committee

Okay, Sen. Al Franken is out. But not for a few more weeks.

Now, let’s have another big investigation about what the Ethics Committee does. What are members’ guidelines, their limitations on what “justice” they can hand out to one of the “club” who does “wrong.”

Back in 1995, Congress saw fit to create a fund that would be used to pay taxpayer money to those members defending themselves against sexual harassment charges and/or other illegalities.

Was the Ethics Committee in operation then? Even if not, we need names and an explanation of who set it up, and an accounting of all the money paid out to date, and names of those who benefited.

Investigative journalism, here is your chance to re-establish yourself.

Transparency, remember that word? Boy, are we in trouble.